The Mentalist by Joel Dickinson

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Mentalist Bundle
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Includes : InCAANtation, The Pendulum, Volition & Roll With It

Experience the enigmatic realm of mentalism through 'The Mentalist' by Joel Dickinson, a mesmerizing journey that will awaken your inner abilities.

Unleash your hidden potential as a Mentalist with this exclusive compilation of world renowned routines, featuring Volition, Roll With It, The Pendulum, and InCAANtation.

With this captivating collection, you'll astonish your audience with a complete show tailored for intimate settings, such as parlour and close-up performances.

Included in this extraordinary package:

Volition: Challenge the notion of free will! Let your spectator place three cards in various locations, and miraculously, their decisions were predicted ahead of time.

Roll With It: Take your audience's imagination for a spin! Ask them to think of a number on a dice, determine its composition, and choose a hand to conceal it. Yet, without any information divulged, you astound them by revealing the hand it's hidden in, the material it's made of, and the exact number they rolled.

The Pendulum: Harness the power of a simple pendulum! Watch as it uncovers the colors of playing cards within your spectator's fingertips, culminating in the impossible revelation of a selected card.

Incaantation: Witness the fusion of mind and fate! After your participant selects any number, they embark on a countdown through a deck of cards. Astonishingly, their journey leads them to a single card—one that flawlessly matches your earlier prediction.

Prepare to embark on a mind-bending adventure where perception and reality merge, leaving your audience spellbound. 'The Mentalist' by Joel Dickinson is your gateway to the mystical realm of mentalism.