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The Mega Bundle

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Unlock the Extraordinary with Our Exclusive Package!

With this one-time purchase, you'll receive:

  1. Volition
    Challenge the Illusion of Free Will - Prepare to have your perception shattered as Volition unravels the truth behind your every movement. Experience the awe-inspiring realization that every action you believed to be freely made was actually pre-orchestrated and destined to happen.

    This mind-bending revelation will leave your audience questioning the very fabric of reality.

  2. Evolition
    Elevate Your Demonstrations to New Heights - Building upon the groundbreaking concepts of Volition, Evolution takes the effect to a whole new level. Experience the sheer brilliance of simplicity as you seamlessly execute mind-blowing demonstrations using only three ordinary business cards. Witness the gasps of amazement as your audience is captivated by the elegance and precision of this innovative twist on a classic technique.

  3. Sole Snatcher
    Unleash the Magic of an unfathomable Card-to-Shoe - Step into a world of wonder as you perform the impossible with Sole Snatcher.

    A signed playing card mysteriously appears folded up inside your own shoe.

    Prepare to leave your spectators in awe as they witness this jaw-dropping illusion that defies all logic and expectations.

    The perfect companion to Paul Fowlers Foot Where!

  4. Flip Out
    Harness the Power of Influence - Command the outcomes and astonish your participants with Flip Out.

    Impress everybody by accurately predicting whether they will flip heads or tails, every single time.

    But we don't stop there! Take it a step further as you reveal the secret that was hidden in plain sight that influenced the entire outcome.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your performances and leave an indelible impression on your spectators.

Embrace the enigmatic, challenge the norms, and become the master of astonishment.

Order now and embark on a journey that will redefine what you thought was possible. The secrets await you, ready to transform your magic forever.