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Sole Snatcher by Joel Dickinson & Joe Givan

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Trainers & Shoe’s : Playing cards, business cards, written predictions, money and more!

No damage or permanent alterations are required to your footwear for Sole Snatcher.

By Joel Dickinson & Joe Givan.

Can't MCF??? Don't worry, zero MCF required!!

A miracle at your finger tips that starts at your toes.
A routine that lives up to the ‘no pocket space required’ hype.

An amazing tool to add to your repertoire.

"I really love the signed card to impossible location plot and what Joel has done with their new release is outstanding. It’s going in my repertoire! It’s perfect for close up, parlour or even stage. Check it and enjoy it!" - Adrian Vega, Magician & Creator.

"I can’t imagine how a signed card to shoe could possibly look any better than this!  It’s incredibly clean, hard hitting and very fooling." - David Jonathan, Magician and Creator.

"Sole snatcher looks EXACTLY like a card to shoe should! It's ingenious, easy to perform & absolutely fooling." - Sam Fitton, Magician and Creator. 

"Organic and reliable - this is going straight into every shoe I own." - Jack Rhodes, Magician & YouTuber. 

Sole Snatcher is the ultimate signed card to shoe and so much more.

With a click of your heels you can make business cards, playing cards, paper or cardboard reappear in your shoe.

Yet still, it’s even more than that; imagine vanishing a signed bank note and you explain it’s in your shoe, you remove your shoe and monopoly money appears inside, then, when you remove it, it instantly changes at your finger tips in to their signed bank note!

(This handling amongst others are explained once Sole Snatcher has been purchased)

Sole Snatcher is limited to your imagination.

It’s also ideal for predictions and billets.

Suitable for close up, strolling, cabaret and parlour.

Joel Dickinson goes all out and shares his secrets that have been guarded for many years in an easy to follow HD video.

You also receive FISM Close up Champion, Joe Givan’s lecture notes with his amazing variation of his amazing card to shoe.

You receive everything required to perform Sole Snatcher, including a tutorial video shot in HD with various handlings & countless ideas to get you performing this miracle. You even get to watch a performance breakdown of card to shoe.

Sole Snatcher is also interchangeable, you can add and remove your cards/paper super quick.