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Mega Download Bundle

Mega Download Bundle

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This Mega Bundle contains over 50% off. This is no thrown together download, the package contains HD videos and pdfs with subtleties, handlings and much more.

The usual retails price here is £57.99 and here it costs £24.99.

This is a mix media product and includes streaming HD Videos and PDF's.

E:volition : Think you have free will? Think again! With just three business cards you can appear to influence your spectators actions well ahead of time.

Calibrate : 

You astonishingly duplicate the very image your participant draws and then by looking at the drawing you now have the ability to tell the participant their star sign.

"Joel has taken the star sign reveal and combined it with a logical framing. This is a really nice premise. Joel is one of my favourite mentalists and his concepts have been worked in the real world." - Kieron Johnson

Volition : This is the original Volition which is Joel's take on Free Will. This release has sold thousands of copies world wide. This particular booklet contains two different effects.

"Get it, buy it, it's great!" -Jan Forster

"Trust me folks its an absolute winner!" -Michael Murray


The magician introduces a regular deck of cards and a face down prediction card.

The regular pack of cards is shuffled and examined by a participant, then the participant names ANY number between one and fifty two, the participant then deals the cards down to the number arriving at a single card.

The participant can then be asked if he would like to carry in dealing or if they are happy with their decision. The freely selected card is revealed to match the prediction card which has been in full view the entire time.

Everything can be examined.

The method is flexible, totally self contained and variation routine is included.

Code Break : A participant has the correctly identify your pin code digits and unlock your mobile phone. This is a fantastic effect that is guaranteed to get great reactions.

"I think it's pure genius & brilliant and you should buy it"
- Myke Philips, Mentalist.

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