John Morton, Magic Desktop Lecture

John Morton, Magic Desktop Lecture

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"John Morton really made the extra effort to relay the best of the best. I did not expect a session like this. Above and beyond!" - Matthew Koob

"Great lecture" - Guy Zachs

"Joel Amazing lecture!!!! I spent 1000 over the years on wallets know more" - Scott Wilson

"Lots of great ideas and tips in the lecture." - Scott Clarke

"What a fantastic session" - Alan Jones

"Pure Gold to be honest." - Lee Innes

John Morton shares so much magic and mentalism, including routines with objects scattered around, routines with a bag of crisps, Karatsuki, which-hand routines, effects from his working repertoire, a book test that you can perform using your spectator's phone, a highly deceptive peek method, and the list goes on!

Magic Desktop Lectures are a treasure trove of hard-hitting material, brimming with invaluable real-world advice. Each lecture has a runtime that typically falls within the range of 1.5 to 2 hours, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.