Lord Harri Harrington, Magic Desktop Lecture

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His Lordship, Harri, brought his Magic Desktop Lecture to Miracle Studio, mesmerizing us with an array of effects encompassing both magic and mentalism.

Harri taught so much magic, including;

Doodle Bag: Transport yourself to a prehistoric world, as someone thinks of a prehistoric giant while you're blindfolded, and then, in the most breathtaking manner imaginable, you unveil their chosen dinosaur. Brace yourself for a true showstopper!

Stash Cash: Prepare to be astounded as you make a borrowed bill perform a vanishing act so deceptive it could outwit the devil himself, only to reappear inside the participant's own hands, nestled within a cigarette lighter.

InstaMemories: Dive into the magic of the digital age as you introduce your Instagram and a collection of polaroids. With a participant merely thinking of an image, watch in amazement as you pluck it from the depths of your screen. And as if that wasn't enough, you'll leave everyone in awe by proving that you not only anticipated their choice but reveal it in a beautifully unforgettable fashion.

All of this and so much more!

His creativity knows no bounds as he shared a series of brilliantly crafted ideas that left my mind buzzing with inspiration.

In the company of Harri, time seemed to fly by effortlessly, making every moment an absolute delight.

Magic Desktop Lectures are a treasure trove of hard-hitting material, brimming with invaluable real-world advice. Each lecture has a runtime that typically falls within the range of 1.5 to 2 hours, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.