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The Psychic by Joel Dickinson

The Psychic by Joel Dickinson

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Psychic Bundle
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Includes : The Pendulum, Peeked, Calibrate & Minds Eye

Experience the undeniable connection to the psychic realm as you immerse yourself in The Psychic by Joel Dickinson, an extraordinary collection of routines.

Prepare to astonish even the most skeptical individuals, leaving them with no choice but to believe in the existence of psychic phenomena.

The Pendulum: Witness the extraordinary power harnessed within a simple pendulum. As it swings with precision, it unravels the hidden colors of playing cards, appearing right before your spectator's eyes. And in a grand finale, the pendulum unveils the impossible—an astonishing revelation of a selected card, defying all logical explanation.

Peeked: Step into a realm where touch becomes irrelevant, yet knowledge becomes absolute. Without laying a finger on it, you possess the ability to perceive what has been written on a business card with unparalleled accuracy and you never tough the card. This mind-bending feat seamlessly integrates into a natural routine, filling your performance with pure joy and wonder.

Calibrate: They draw an image yet you are able replicate the very image they create but you never look at the card nor see it's face. But that's not all—take it a step further and reveal their zodiac sign, leaving them in awe of your psychic prowess.

Minds Eye: Dive into a treasure trove of invaluable techniques and routines, carefully curated to empower the modern psychic performer. Unleash the power of your mind with a multitude of mind-reading feats that will captivate and mesmerize your audience, leaving them with an indelible impression of the extraordinary.

Through these awe-inspiring routines, you'll unleash the true potential of your psychic abilities, leaving audiences spellbound and forever changed.

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