The Magician by Joel Dickinson

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The Magician

Includes : Picture Consequences, Sole Snatcher & Volition Blue Chip

Unleash your inner magician with these extraordinary and acclaimed routines that will leave your audience spellbound.

This exceptional bundle includes meticulously crafted physical products that will empower you to perform feats of magic that defy explanation.

Picture Consequences: Engage your participants in an enchanting game where they create a captivating piece of art. Astonishingly, their choices were accurately predicted well in advance! This comprehensive set features top-quality cards, a vinyl board, a game instruction sheet (with spare), a protective plastic box, and a detailed video explanation. Everything you need fits neatly into a single box, allowing you to effortlessly carry a powerful routine in your pocket.

Sole Snatcher: Imagine the gasps of disbelief as someone chooses and signs a playing card, only to have it instantly materialize folded up inside your own shoe. The sheer impossibility of this feat makes it look and feel like genuine magic.

Volition Blue Chip 2: Encased within a sealed black bag are three poker chips. Your participant amazingly and correctly predicts the color of the chips without opening the bag.

The participant decides where to place each chip and astonishingly, their actions were foreseen and flawlessly printed on the reverse side of the chips. As if that weren't enough, these remarkable chips harbor a hidden prediction, taking Volition Blue Chip to an awe-inspiring conclusion that reveals the power of manipulation.