The Knock-on Effect

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The Knock on Effect is without a doubt the BEST CAAN available to date. 

What you are about to read is exactly how The Knock-On Effect plays out… no stone is left unturned.

The magician removes cards from the top of the deck one by one, until the spectator calls stop. The card stopped at is the selection and the discarded cards are left on the table.

Next, the magician shows the freely selected card to the spectator, for the purpose of explanation we will use the six of hearts.

The magician now asks the spectator to estimate how many cards have been discarded on the table, let's presume the spectator states the number sixteen. The spectator now counts his discarded cards to discover there are in fact fourteen cards.

There now follows a hard hitting, chain reaction of events;

Throughout the entire performance, a small envelope is sat on display; inside is just one single playing card and it matches the selected card perfectly as the six of hearts!

The magician states ‘it would be impossible for anyone to know how many cards you would discard, even you yourself did not know. However, if we turn the prediction card over, on the back you will see a number.’ the magician turns the playing card over to reveal the number fourteen written boldly on the back, matching the discarded pile perfectly!

…if that’s not enough; the magician now states ‘I asked you to approximate how many cards have been discarded, you were close. Could anyone have known that you would have been off by two digits?’ The participant now reads the magicians second prediction and this reveals that the magician knew how many cards the spectator would approximate after the cards where discarded!

Now, for the BIG FINISH that will slap your spectators in the face like a wet fish. The entire deck of cards are turned face up and every single card is completely blank.

And what’s more, the entire deck is completely examinable. The only card of value that actually exists is the spectators freely selected card.

And.. there's more.

There are additional reveals available, including a second selected card. 

A variation that is completely self contained meaning there’s no need for an additional envelope.

You will learn new card techniques and a new force.

The force card and number positions are all adaptable.

There are no mathematics, equations or number work at play.

This is easy to do with a quick reset.

All props are included to perform The Knock-on Effect, including a full HD video download.
A spectators single decision causes a domino effect of predictions and astonishing reveals that will leave your audience reeling in its aftermath.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rick Naylor
Killer routine

Clever thinking and routining from Joel again... Cripples your spectators bit by bit, with the blank card kicker finishing them off! Love it

John Hicks
Cardician's Delight

This is a great multi-prediction effect with a jaw dropping kicker ending. I collect blank deck tricks and this is a awesome one.

Jack Diamond
Everything about this is amazing

This is the best style CAAN I have ever seen. A Star!! What a worker. Thanks Joel for keeping it exclusive. 😜🤪