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The Experiment by Joel Dickinson

The Experiment by Joel Dickinson

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They said teleportation would never exist—until now. Welcome to The Experiment!

Ready to defy reality?

Here is what happens:

The performer introduces three cards and a matchbox. Inside the box is a single die. The box and die are placed on the table and covered with the cards. The moment the cards are dropped, the die and matchbox instantly switch places, leaving your audience in awe!

Once the effect is over, the matchbox and die are examinable.

When you purchase The Experiment, you receive everything ready to go, including three plastic cards, a gimmicked box and die, and a protective plastic case to house the effect.

Joel also teaches you how to perform the effect using just playing cards, for those who prefer.

As an optional bonus, right at the end, you can make a previously selected card instantly appear in the matchbox.

Step into the world of teleportation!

Get The Experiment today and astonish your audience!

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