Star Gazer by Joel Dickinson

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If you want to read minds effectively then magic tricks alone will not enable you to do so. The real secrets of serious mind reading are in the tools you choose and how you utilise them.

On the outside Star Gazer appears to be simple horoscope cards but once you are on the inside you discover they are specifically crafted tools. Tools that allow you to connect with your participant and tell them details and facts about themselves even though you have only just met.

When strangers meet for the first time they are a blank canvas to each other. Star Gazer allows you to paint a picture that identifies exactly who that person really is.

We are all connected. The universe is everything and time itself. The universe is you and the universe is me. The sky contains traces of all of us and within the stars lie our secrets: secrets that can only be revealed once you are on the inside. 

Star Gazer is part of the puzzle to unravelling the secrets of our universe and now those secrets can be yours.

Unlike any other zodiac deck in the industry, this deck has been developed alongside a popular psychic and medium (who has requested to remain anonymous due to industry standards) to aid giving an authentic appearance to the cards. These are certainly no magic trick!

No memory work is required. You will learn this within the first five minutes of watching the video instructions and posses a high quality and functional product.

This brand new system will allow you to distinguish your participants zodiac sign instantly. Up close and up to nine feet away, effortlessly!

Each zodiac card contains three trait words. Your participant can think of one of these traits and you will know the trait in their mind with no guess work.

You will undetectably learn their trait in just seconds and once you know the trait you can execute a reading like no other, followed by revealing their zodiac sign. 

Imagine the power of accurately revealing their personality trait followed by their zodiac sign. What's more, they can intuitively reveal yours!

Embedded in Star Gazer are a variety of reveals, including a method to know a thought of colour, zodiac element, zodiac symbol and a thought of playing card.

The cards are tarot sized and appear to be an authentic tool used by psychics, mystics, mind readers and spiritual readers alike.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Steve Palmer
1st class product

I received my cards today and they are absolutely stunning. The thought that has gone into this product is amazing! These cards look and feel just like the kind of cards that you would find at a psychic fair and provide the perfect base for building fail safe readings, giving me the opportunity to develop and build my reading skills, safe in the knowledge I am always going to have a strong finish 👌🏻

Richard Groom
Just beautiful

A very beautiful and classy set of cards. Good for straight readings on mentalism performances. Minimal memory work... You are remembering 12 things... hardly Mnemonica.