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Peeked by Joel Dickinson

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PEEKED : Instant Download, available to stream & download.

Never touch the business card however you know what has been written with one hundred percent accuracy.

Peeking your interest? This is peek perfection and once purchased this will become a super power-house peek in your arsenal.

A full business card peek embedded in to a natural routine that is nothing but a joy to perform.

No wallet
No impression device
No reflections
No envelope

Peeked is a method that allows you to harness information that only your spectator knows.

Imagine your spectator picks up several business cards, they write anything on just one card.
 That card is then mixed in to the other cards and all cards are placed facedown on the table in a row.

Now, you amazingly eliminate all of the cards that are blank and leave just the spectators card facedown on the table. Despite never touching the spectators card, somehow you tell them exactly what has been written on the card.

The video explanation includes a full performance of Peeked by Michael Murray, a variety of variations, tons of nuances, subtleties and more.

You use your own business cards, blank playing cards or any blank cards.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Lawrence Lessner
Peeked and Roll it are excellent magic

I visited a Chinese site and purchased Peeked, Roll with it, and Volition for just a few dollars. They sounded good. Well the instructions were by Joel and his friends, they were very good and the magic was just what I needed. Sometimes after a magic show Folks want some "mentalism". I perform one on one, seated with one or at most two audience members. This is like close up BUT offers a much more intimate performance, AND makes simple telepathy easier. Joel's magic is very good and well suited to this presentation. THNAK YOU Joel

Great trick

what a trick!!! it is very clever. when I first saw the effect, I had no clue. It's very stunning.

Chris Roberts
Joel Does It Again

Killer effect

Well done again Joel
Another one to make it’s way into my
everyday Impromptu routines.

It’s a shame I can only give it 5 Stars
It’s worthy of many more.

Wolfgang Lohfink
I love this!!

I have some effects from Joel and I like this one very much too. Simple method and everything is motivated.

Smart Simple & easy

I am so satisfied with the Peeked.
It is worth for 5*.

The method is very smart, simple and so easy to get the full card peek