Product Development

Product Development

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Unleash your magic to the world with our exclusive Magic Product Promotion service.


  • Product Trailer
  • Product Tutorial Video
  • Product Photo Shoot
  • Full Studio Access
  • Refreshments

While many companies offer buyouts, there's nothing wrong with that; however, you lose the rights. I can help you bring your product to the market—no buyout, and you keep EVERYTHING.. including the profit!

With a rich legacy of 15 years in bringing products to the market, our studio stands as a guiding light for creators eager to bring their creations to life.

Our comprehensive package includes a captivating Product Trailer, an instructive Product Tutorial Video, and a stunning Product Photo Shoot. Enjoy Full Studio Access and refreshments to fuel your creative energies.

If you're worried about being in front of a camera, don't be—I can help, guide, and support you every step of the way. Let's turn your magic into a captivating product together.

Once we've crafted your product trailer, tutorial, and product images, they belong to you entirely. This means you own 100% of your creation, empowering you to share your magic with the world on your terms.

Let's craft, captivate, and claim your place in the magic industry. Your journey to magical innovation begins here.