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Mind's Eye by Joel Dickinson

Mind's Eye by Joel Dickinson

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Physical Booklet, SIGNED & ALMOST SOLD OUT

After selling out repeatedly, Minds Eye is finally available as a physical booklet.

Three SOLID routines and two bonus techniques!

Each effect gives the impression that you can tell people things they are merely thinking of, when you have only just met.

ine tuned over hundreds of performances.


Calibrate Maxed is just one of the incredibly powerful routines.

Imagine a participant drawing a picture of potentially anything they desire and concealing it. Then, you astound them by revealing the exact image they've drawn and conclude by disclosing their star sign, and the best part is, they don't have to say a word!

Your participant will be just as amazed as the spectators.

Calibrate Maxed is remarkably easy to perform; there's no intricate process to follow, and the star sign reveal will leave your participant astounded.


You introduce a die to your participant. They roll it and lock their freely chosen number in their mind (no force).

You then reveal the number the participant rolled and even discern a specific thing they are thinking of.

Sorry, I should have explained something; it's the best part... the die they rolled doesn't actually exist. It happened in their mind.

The die is rolled in your participant's mind, and you know the number.

There's no mathematics involved, no one ahead, and no convoluted procedures – actually, no procedures at all. It is a fun routine that you will genuinely enjoy performing.


A participant answers his own question by creating an unknown prediction.
The prediction proves to be much more than first realised.

This is a unique and practical routine and it is not to be missed.



A unique system to force an object from a stack of busines cards.
It is practical and everything is above board, however, not all is as it seems.

Mind's Eye Peek

Joel's go to peek. Very practical, impromptu and no peek device required.
You can perform this on the fly. It's a simple peek and it is very deceptive.

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