Chopping Block (Chop Cup) by Joel Dickinson

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A chop cup routine that packs a punch with a solid ending.

25 bespoke sets available and ready to dispatch immediately.

"I have worked Joel's Chopping Block in my working repertoire for many years. It's a work horse and it's solid." - Mike Donoghue, professional magician.

The Chopping Block is a work of art that has been hand crafted in the UK.

This set was designed out of nescessity for close up magicians. These cups also work incredibly well in a parlour and mini show setting.

The Chopping Block can be performed at a table or in your hands. It's a chop cup routine that does not require a table and packs punch after punch and right at the end the cup is a solid block.

The set has been designed to Joel's requirements and contains a multitude of features that create the ultimate chop cup set.

What is included?

- A bespoke chop cup
- A matching solid cup
- Two wood loads that keep getting bigger
- One chop ball
- One matching un-chopped ball
- One black crushed velvet bag

Above depicts the amazing craftsmanship of the secret construction of these cups.

You receive a video that teaches you an entire routine. And if you are worried about switching the cups then don't be as I teach you how to do this right under your spectators nose and the method will delight your magical senses.

These do not come around frequently so get yours before they vanish.

The cups are approximately 2 inches and the craftsmanship is second to none.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jacob Jones
I absolutely love these

I've had these for around a month now, and I can't be happier with them. The traditional chop cup gimmick is perfectly 'strong', so it's no too much or too little. They're a perfect size for walk around, and the switch taught, while bold, works very well. There are two switches taught, and both are solid. One is more misdirection based, while the other is 'right under the spectators nose', a bit more sleight based.
The routines taught aren't really the best, but people should be creating their own presentations anyway and this also may change with the new instruction release. There is a really great idea regarding chaining a previous (not chop cup) routine into this though.
Overall, I love this set, and will probably purchase another as a backup, as these were not available for a very long time.

Lou Antonucci
Superb Craftsmanship!

These cups are gorgeous and the craftsmanship is superb for the asking price! Perfect size and weight for the strolling magician. I can't wait to start working these! Thanks Joel for another winner!