Peeked by Joel Dickinson

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Additional thoughts : After the initial process of the magician eliminating the cards on the table, you can simply have the participant place his card back in the cards, mix them up and reveal the information. However, the second phase of the participant eliminating the cards is a fantastic touch that helps clean up the routine and also adds clarity to the effect.

I forgot to mention in the video; when performing this effect, when you introduce the routine, lay emphasis on the fact you are locating their card. Never mention that you are going to reveal their details. Let that be a surprise at the end and then, when you come to reveal their thoughts the surprise will be much bigger.

My first work on this principle was first released in 2014 in What The Eye Can't See.

The outcome of Peeked is unidentifiable to that method and this work is the strongest available on the topic.

Credits : Manos Kartsakis, Unveil; 2018
              Saun Dunn, Zoltar, 2018

Future credits to be added.