Explanations & Tutorials

If you have purchased products you will find some of the videos and bonus material to effects below

WARP ZAG - Warp and Zigzag Reality

- The self contained prediction system

The Pendulum - The ultimate pendulum demonstration

Roll With it - Propless mentalism

A card to impossible location

Picture Consequences - A colourful three card prediction routine  

Sole Snatcher - The ultimate card to shoe by Joel Dickinson and Joe Givan

- The table peek by Joel Dickinson

FLIP OUT - A killer 5050 routine like no other

The Knock-On Effect - From a spectators single decision an avalanche of reveals occur

Evolition - Predict your spectators actions with just three cards

Incaantation - A CAAN with a big difference

Tricking the Brain - Joel's book about mind reading for magicians

Volition Blue Chip - Think you have free will? Think again...

The Voyager - Time travel (Effect now unavailable)