About Northern Miracles

Who is Joel Dickinson?

Northern Miracles : Making Magic

Joel has been performing magic since the age of ten. By the time he had reached the age of sixteen his career in magic had already begun and he could be found performing throughout Spain.

During this time Joel helped establish the original and first House of Illusions.

Admittedly Joel had a lot to learn and his real education in magic and entertainment came from the streets of York, London and Barcelona.

Joel has been heavily involved in the magic industry in various ways. These include performing to the public, publishing numerous books, creating his own unique effects for the use of magicians and lecturing at magic clubs up and down the country.

He is cofounder of Real Workers (A collaborative project with Andrew Dean), The Vanishing Cabaret and has written for television performers all around the world.

Joel has also won the coveted North West Close up Magic Competition four times consecutively, Blackpool Magic's Best Trick award and has also won the North West stage magic category there times consecutively.

Joel is proud to present his magic studio ‘Northern Miracles’ A dedicated studio designed for creating new miracles and allowing him to share them with magicians worldwide.

Joel Dickinson magician
(Joels lecture at Bristols Smoke and Mirrors, fortunately people turned up!)