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When you look at magic tricks that are being released and sold to you, do you think about your spectators?

Magic product videos/trailers are designed to reel you in. You are being sold a product.

The magic industry is crammed full of amazing magic but it’s also cluttered with junk magic. Junk magic tricks that belong in the bottom drawer beneath the sock, lube and your partners dildo drawer. Only difference between those drawers is the magic drawer doesn’t get opened.

The magic junk drawer only exists because you bought that sh*t. 

When you look at a magic trick that is being promoted to you as the next best thing, look at that trick and decide yourself if it’s ‘your next best piece of magic'. Will it be the next best thing for your spectators, the people who actually watch you do magic.

When you look at magic being sold, ask yourself ‘would my spectators want to see this!? Will it amaze them and will they want to hire me.

A lot of magic promo videos contain edits at crucial moments. Sometimes the edited point is justified. It might be to hide something so you can’t build or reconstruct your own variation. 

And on the other hand it could be because the specific ’product’ is a pile of sh*te.

Switch off your ability to be suckered in to video marketing. Instead, just dive a little deeper. It’s important to be critical and think for yourself.  

Here’s a thought, your expectations of new magic releases should be high, because your spectators expectations of you are even higher.

High expectations = Higher standards in the magic industry. 

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