Sole Snatcher

Author Joel Dickinson on

Card to impossible locations are one my favourite things in magic to invent. 

Its much more than a card To impossible location. It’s a great place to house predictions, reappear money, business card or paper.

A question I have been asked is

  • Q ) Do I need to adjust/alter my footwear?
    A ) No, this installs in to your shoe. No adjustments are needed.

Sole Snatcher ticks the boxes for many reasons:

  • The location is super impossible, how can a card reappear inside a shoe that you’re stood on!?
  • Its adaptable, the card can be changed and it takes just a minute to change/replace.
  • It’s always on you, therefore you always have a card to impossible location.
  • The switch looks incredible, you can not tell it is a switch.

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