What happens next?

Author Joel Dickinson on

Here are five simple exercises.

I have started the magic/scenario and you finish it.

These can be trick, a gag, a method, an existing trick or get creative and invent your own, the choice is yours.

Your audience are watching;

1) You stand with your hands open and close them both, you open them and….

2) On the table is a wine glass, you turn it over and place a piece of rope inside. You turn it mouth down, trapping the rope. You lift the glass and the rope…

3) There’s an envelope on the table, you explain there’s a photo of somebody inside the envelope. You ask your spectator to name anything. You open the envelope and remove the prediction…

4) A regular deck of cards is boxed on the table. Somebody names any card in the deck. The box is opened and inside…

5) You remove your phone from your pocket. You shake it and…

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